Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist
Zanna Parkinson

lomi lomiBefore becoming a practitioner of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, Zanna was involved in the mind body spirit field for more than 18 years. She has been interested in and studied a variety of different philosophies, worked in holistic centres, and developed The Nutri Centre Bookshop in London. Zanna is also passionate about whales and dolphins- sometimes working as a volunteer for cetacean charities. It was this interest that drew her to Hawaii to see the wild spinner dolphins. While on the Big Island Zanna met a Hawaiian woman who introduced her to lomi lomi massage and the Hawaiian philosophy called mana mana, now partially known as huna. Since then she has studied lomi lomi massage with different teachers and continues to expand her awareness and knowledge.  Zanna has also studied anatomy & physiology and holistic massage, sports massage and pregnancy massage. She gained her ITEC qualifications with merit.

Qualifications, membership and insurance 

Hawaiian Kahuna Massage Lomi Lomi

Diploma in Holistic Massage

Advanced Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Hawaiian Massage for Pregnancy

Diploma in Sports Massage

Medical First Aid

Member of Complementary Therapists Association

Insured with The Holistic Insurance Services








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"Surely one of the most beautiful massages I've ever had! Zanna has to be one of London Towns finest masseuses. She knows the body as One, not as a sum of parts. Her long strokes remind you that the head, torso & limbs are all connected & the mind, body & spirit are all weaved together to create a marvellous beautiful YOU."

Wellbeing Magazine